About Us

Do you really buy Insurance???

Do you actually need Insurance or is it business continuity? Is it to buy policies or to preserve your assets, protect you from major, unforeseen, unpredictable events that can endanger you, your family, your business or properties? Or is it to shield you from sudden catastrophes and calamities which may pull you behind by years and put your years of hard work, earnings, capital and assets at major risk? Or is it to have peace of mind to focus on growth and prosperity? Unfortunately, most of the Insurance companies and brokers only sell Insurance policies.
How many of them really know you, your clients or your business or understand your needs and exposures well. They sell what they have-not what you or your customers really need.

What we do at Venture Holding Limited (VHL)

In addition to standard insurance products we assist in creating Insurance bundled product that can boost sales. We do it by devising products and services which delivers tangible value to you, your end customers and intermediate channel partners. We at Venture Holding Ltd take time and efforts to know you, to know your business, your needs and your exposures. No two individual or business is same and they all need different approaches to handle your risks. You are unique and very important to us. We invest in our customers – understand you, understand your business and offer tailored solutions to suit you. We look at providing peace of mind, security and assurance so that you can carry out your business and go about your daily life without worries. For us your uninterrupted business continuity, asset protection and revenue generation are key. 

Our Process

We have a simple 10-point approach to find suitable solution for you.



Understand your specific exposures vis a vis the business environment in which you operate.


Quantify the exposures and loss potential.


Advise suitable Insurance and non-insurance solutions.


Assist in case of unwanted eventualities and handling claims.


Conducting a 360* risk analysis: - Physical - Business - Operational - Legal - Technological - Accounting - Financial and People risks


Understand you and your business.


Identify risks and exposures particular to you and your business.


Recommend loss prevention, avoidance, minimization, reduction, management, risk transfer and Insurance strategies.


Assist in obtaining and providing best fit risk mitigation and transfer solutions including negotiating insurance covers and premiums.


Ensure coverage at reasonable premiums, wider coverage, arranging premium payments in instalments, arrange insurance if required for your operations in other countries and delivering service at your door step.
Team member

Our people and partners are our strength.

Meet the skilled professionals at Venture Holding Ltd, dedicated to providing tailored insurance solutions. With expertise in finance and customer service, our team ensures personalized support and proactive risk management for every client

Our Experience

With over 100 plus years of combined experience in this business of our team, our vast knowledge and expertise, we bring best global practices to provide optimal risk management solution to become long and lasting partners in your growth and prosperity. With specialists’ consultants and partners in technology, insurance, finance, distribution and innovation, from Zambia, UAE, UK, India and Canada, we are a tech focused company with experienced and expert manpower bringing in world class value in risk solution space.

Our Value Proposition

We believe Insurance is not a cost but an investment and revenue enabling center. It not only preserves assets and business but can also be a tool to grow thereby generating additional revenue. We specialize in creating products and solutions which would help you grow your business.

10 good reasons why you should use us
Experience and expertise in our team to handle your business.
24x7x365 accessibility.
Personalized professional care and attention.
Global connect and partnerships.
Hands-on approach
Innovative solutions
Approach of preservation and growth of business
Use Insurance as a Growth tool
Professional advice
Claims handling assistance
We not only handle insurance, we offer bespoke risk management solutions.